Technical Support
1. Our products: Duble-sided Mullers, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Plane Polishing Machine, Plane Light Band Testor,Single-sided Mullers. All the technical properties and materials of all products are in accordance with the relevant national standards.
2. Our products, can adapt to the normal weather and water, cars, trains and other different ways of transportation.
3. We shall send to the destination as per the contract requirement.
4. We will provide the packing of the products.
5. We are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the product after it reaches the destination.
6. We will deliver the goods within the time stipulated in the contract and complete the installation of all products.
7. We will provide the product specification.
8. We will provide a year of wearing parts and maintenance instructions.
9. We will provide the corresponding personnel training.

Pre-sales Service:
Our company's staff will provide customers with the best product configuration program。
Project design: once the project is determined, the production team will take over the project. We will get to know every detail, and get a final document.

After-sale service:

1. Installation and commissioning: my company's engineers on-site guidance to ensure the completion of the site installation and commissioning.
2. Technical training: field operator training.
3. Service: we provide maintenance services and spare parts.
4. Emergency repair: our technical service team to provide customers with a variety of emergency repair services.
5. Spare parts supply: a large number of long-term inventory of various types of spare parts.


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